Our Bean Selections

Bean Descriptions

Shenandoah Joe Roastery offers the finest fresh-roasted coffee in the Central Virginia area, they take tremendous pride in the quality of their coffee. Their dedication to quality starts with the green coffee they bring into the roastery. They painstakingly source renowned green coffee, because only the best green coffee results in excellence in the cup. Every batch of coffee is roasted under the watchful eye of their passionate artisan roasters who bring out the best from these precious beans. We hope you enjoy their roasts as much as we do.

PRICING:  $6.25 per 1/2 pound 
                $12.50 per pound


Brazil Bruzello Blend

A sweet, nutty aroma with notes of chocolate and dry fruit makes Bruzello Blend great as a French Press or an espresso. Bruzello has a medium to full body as well as hints of cinnamon


Colombian Santa Barbara Estate

Nice full body with mild acidity and brightness yields a smooth, well-rounded cup of coffee. Some moderately sweet caramel and floral notes.


Costa Rican La Amistad – Organic

As is typical from Costa Rica, this coffee offers a sweet acidity with hints of citrus and floral notes. It is rich and complex, with a balanced flavor.


Costa Rican la Pastora

This coffee from coop CoopeTarrazu. It is medium bodies with hints of lemon, lime and honey.

Costa Rican Hacienda La Minita

This estate is frequently considered to produce one of the world’s finest coffees. This truly elegant coffee is perfectly balanced. Sweet aroma, medium to full body with great acidity and a delicate, clean aftertaste. Great as a single origin espresso.


Ethiopian Sidamo ARDI

A natural processed coffee with fruit tones of blueberry. A creamy body, with a nice chocolate finish.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere – Organic, not certified

Grown in the renowned Bornea Zone, this medium bodied coffee offers a floral and citrus aroma, a light to medium acidity, and an interplay of jasmine and slight lemony acidity, and an interplay of jasmine and slight lemony citrus on the palate.


Guatemalan el Tambor

A medium-bodied coffee with nice acidity. Has white grapefruit and tart lime flavors.


Mexican Chiapas – Organic and Fair Trade

From coop Majomut is dedicated to improving the lives of coffee producers and their families. Its lighter body allows some sweet acidity to become more prevalent. Very clean with some subtle hints of chocolate.


Panama Boquete

A medium-bodied coffee, bright with a lemon start that is contrasted against a chocolate finish.



Out most full-bodied coffee is rich and robust. A subtle earthy character with bold flavor.


Sumatra Ketiara Coop – Organic and Fair Trade

Ketiara is a women-run cooperative. This Sumatra has flavors of bakers chocolate with hints of black cherry.


Sumatra Wahana Estate

From the Sidikalang region of norh Sumatra, this is a sun dried natural process coffee. It is medium roasted with syrupy strawberry flavors.


Tanzanian Peaberry

This coffee comes from Mondul Estate. This stunning coffee has wonderful bright citrus character with hints of lemon, lime and grapefruit throughout.



Dark Horse Espresso

Rich, dark and flavorful with an exceptional mouth feel and outstanding crema. Subtle berry fruit and cocoa linger in the finish. Great as a straight espresso or in your milk based drinks.


Long Frog Espresso

A highly palatable straight espresso. Its semi-sweet cocoa and cherry notes will linger.


Gürly Mann Espresso

This is a departure from the other espressos in that it is a blend of two medium roasts. Full bodied, with fruit and herbal hints on the finish.


Old World Espresso

Out classic Southern Italian Style Espresso. Wonderful dark, rich, flavor with great crema. Bittersweet cocoa predominates on the palate with subtle lingering cedar and cocoa on the finish.


Micro Lots

Costa Rican Cerro Paldo

Juan Rafael and his family has more than 100 years in coffee. This medium roasted coffee has flavors of dark chocolate, caramel and orange.


Honduran Marzo Muñoz

Marzo has been working coffee for 30 years. This complex coffee has flavors of orange lemon and very floral.



Dave’s Blend

A rich blend of French Roast with a touch of Indonesian. This was the first blend created by Shenandoah Joe’s Roast Master

Eye Opener

Blended especially to help ease you into your day. Our version of a breakfast blend takes South American beans blended with a touch of French Roast for added kick. A smooth even morning cup.

French Roast

Blended especially to help ease you into your day. Our version of a breakfast blend takes South American beans blended with a touch of French Roast for added kick. A smooth even morning cup.

Jitterbug Blend

A dark combination of Espresso and French Roast with a small addition of some medium roasted Central American coffee. Good body and bittersweet character.

Kaldi's Euphoria

Named after the sheep herder who legend has it discovered coffee. Heavy in the cup with nice rich flavor. This blend is on the darker side with some additional Indonesian coffee providing extra depth.

Rivanna Roast

This dark roast was our Holiday blend several years ago. We had so many people that continued to request it, that we decided to rename it and keep it on the offering list. It is a blend of Central American and Indonesian coffees taken to a French Roast.

Smoky Mountain Roast 

Our signature coffee; a unique roast using the beans’ own oils and smoke to enhance an already great dark flavor. Just a touch lighter than a French Roast this coffee has a smoky, nutty flavor.

Virginia Blue Mountain

A nice smooth Breakfast Blend with good body. It is a touch brighter than our Eye Opener blend.

West Coast French Roast

Our darkest roast is inspired by the coffees of San Francisco. A blend of four coffees from the Americas and Indonesia.